Website Launch
Welcome to Our New Website
Posted on 07/11/2016

We've upgraded our website! Here's what's new:

  • You can easily find out about events in our online calendar

  • We've added a staff directory so you can easily contact your child's teacher and, if they have classrooms websites, find links to their classroom pages

  • We've made the site mobile friendly

  • We're adding photos to give you a better look at what happens during the school day (talk to our main office if you would like to restrict directory information and photos from website, media, yearbook and other public places)

Quick Tour

In the navigation menu at the top of our site, you'll see four categories: About, Learning, Activities and Services.


This section gives you a school-wide view from the basics about our school and news updates to reporting absences, registering and more. Forget when school gets out on Thursdays? Check the Hours page! Take care of school business such as paying fees, registering, getting involved with PTSA and more


Get a closer view of what we teach and what we expect from students. Here, you'll find resources, information about available programs and services and how we teach appropriate behavior. 


Under Activities, you can find both in-school and out-of-school activities that support learning. You'll find music, physical education and clubs that students can join.


Want to know what's for lunch? What time the bus arrives? When to keep your sick child home from school? Check the Services section.

Districtwide Changes

The district redesigned its site last fall and has been replacing all school websites since then. Our district's goal is to make its websites consistent so that they're easier for parents to use. 

The redesigns are based on feedback from parents, staff and community members, as well as other research. In the coming months, we’ll ask you about your experiences on our new website. We'll use this information to make even more improvements in the future.