Increasing Access to Technology
Chromebook Checkout Increases Access to Technology
Posted on 02/02/2017

Dear Central Kitsap Middle School families,

I have exciting news about instructional technology at Central Kitsap Middle School.

As our students become digital citizens, our schools need to partner with families to help students learn. As part of this process, our school will take an exciting step to increase access to technology for all students in all classes.

At the end of February, we will check out a Chromebook mobile device to each Central Kitsap Middle School student. Students will carry this device to each class and will take it home each evening. This is the pilot project of a 1:1 initiative to put one device in the hands of each student. If the pilot is successful, we hope that students will continue to use devices in a one-to-one format for following school years.

Answering Your Questions

As we begin this process, I know that you will have many questions. Thus, I would like to invite you to attend a parent meeting. (Please note that the Feb. 6 meeting was canceled because of snow.) The meeting will be at:

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017 
6 p.m.
in the CKMS Library

More Information

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can find great information and resources for parents on a new website. Visit It has a parent introduction video that is particularly helpful.

We look forward to working with your family to increase technology access for all students. This is an exciting time for our school and we are eager to provide this opportunity for all students.

Thank you,

Scott McDaniel