About ASB

The Associated Student Body (ASB) of Central Kitsap Middle School is the formal organization of students who attend CKMS.  The State of Washington requires that an ASB be formed whenever one or more students in a school engage in money-raising activities. 

The Student Government is recognized and authorized by the Central Kitsap School District Board of Directors to direct the affairs of the ASB. All student activities and athletics are subject to the approval and regulation of the Student Government.

Membership in CKMS’s ASB is open to all enrolled students, and each student is encouraged to join. An ASB card is required to vote in ASB elections. Membership is required for all those participating in interscholastic sports and clubs. ASB membership also provides reduced admission to most ASB-sponsored events such as school dances, all-district dances, drama productions, and athletic events which charge an admission fee. 

The Student Government exists to: 

  • Provide a medium of communication that links students to staff, parents and the community
  • Increase student enthusiasm and school unity
  • Work with staff in the continued improvement of the learning environment
  • Develop responsible and informed citizenship
  • Prepare students to be the leaders of tomorrow
  • Promote and stimulate student participation in activities and athletics
  • Manage student funds responsibly

ASB Advisors for 2022-2023:  Jamie Devine & Brandy Fairfax