Principal Message

To Our Students:

Scott McDanielWelcome to Central Kitsap Middle School! The Central Kitsap Staff hopes you will find CKMS an exciting place to learn and grow and that you will find the tools for your pursuit of excellence. 

There are many components that will help you make this year an exciting one. We encourage you to be especially concerned about three areas that will be key to your success: your character, your relationships and the effort you put forth. 

Your character is the most important aspect of you. It is what you stand for, how you treat people and what you do. The character traits you have developed by the end of the 8th grade may well stay with you for the rest of your life. So, it matters greatly if you become generous or greedy, disciplined or undisciplined, honest or deceitful, kind or cruel. Since none of us comes close to being perfect in any of these areas, we need to be forgiving of others and to strive to improve. Be determined that you are going to work on yourself to become a better person. 

Seek to develop good relationships. We all need friends and to be good friends. Be respectful to everyone: yourself, your fellow students, your teachers, your parents. Honor diversity; get to know people who are different than you and learn to appreciate their differences. Do not spend your life trying to convince others to think and act just like you do. That makes for a dull world. Be a positive person; say “yes” to life. Do not get caught up in “put-downs” making fun of others. Be a team player. While you may not make the NBA, NFL or USA Olympic Team, you can become the kind of person about whom others say, “You make everyone feel good just to be around you.” 

Finally, work hard and have high expectations for yourself. If you do not expect much of yourself, others may not see your strengths either. Set high academic and personal goals – to be the best you can be. There is no guarantee that hard work will always lead to success, but it very often does. Mark Twain once said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Whether things turn out the way we want them to or not, there is great satisfaction in life knowing we have done our best. 


Scott McDaniel