Alternate Yearbook Portrait Photo

Directions to Submit a Yearbook Portrait Photo
Posted on 11/17/2020

If you attended the CKMS Photo Days in early November, we will receive your school portrait directly from the photographer.
If you did NOT attend the CKMS Photo Days at Kitsap Mall and would like to submit a portrait photo for the 2020-21 yearbook, you can still do so. 
The detailed directions are in each Grade Level Google Classroom.  The assignment is “Portrait Photo” and can be found in the Classwork tab. 
Here is the direct link to the Portrait Photo assignment.  

Mr. Platten, our yearbook advisor, has included all of the necessary details, including examples, how-to videos and tips.   Here are the basics:  

1. Your portrait photo should include from roughly around your belly button to about 4-6 inches above your head. This will allow us to crop the image in a pleasing and consistent manner. 

2. You can stand at a slight angle, but make sure your head is facing the camera lens. Look at the attached document of "Good Examples."

3. Place your camera lens either even with your eyes, or slightly higher than your eyes. 

4. Make sure you are well-lit. Do not have a light behind you. 

5. Try to take your picture in front of a plain, uncluttered background. 

6. DO NOT take a selfie. 

7. Resolution - most cell phones will take a high enough resolution (dots per inch = 250 or higher) picture for a decent yearbook photo. Most images in the 1-2 MB range will work. If you're using your ChromeBook, please have really good lighting. 

8. DO NOT insert your image into a Google or Word Document and turn that in. This will change your image into a 72 dots per inch image and will not be of high enough resolution.

We do NOT have a deadline for photo submissions at this time, but please complete your submission sooner, rather than later.