CKMS Learning Resources

CKMS Learning Resources
Posted on 04/06/2020
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Communication to Families about Online Learning Opportunities

Review, Refresh, & Practice!

April 6, 2020

Dear CKMS Families,

Although we are in the midst of an extended closure and cannot provide traditional in-person instruction, education must continue.

We are excited about the work we have been doing to prepare new learning activities for our students. Before Spring Break, our teachers collaborated virtually in teams to create Google Classrooms for students to use as their “Learning Hub” during this extended closure.  These are new classrooms to include multiple teachers and your child will be invited to join. The table below will show you how classes have been organized and the code for which to access and enter the classroom. Your child’s teacher will also be posting directions for how to access these new Classrooms on their individual pages that were used before the closure.  

Students should be able to access Google Classroom by going to Classlink 

Students should then click on the “+” button in the upper right hand corner and select “Join Class”

Students should then type in the class code and click “join”

For your convenience, all Google Classroom codes are listed in the table below:



Google Classroom Code


Ms. Pitcher, Mr. McNett, Mrs. Junt, Mrs. Landers, Mrs. Kagey

Mrs. Lawson, Mr. WInger


7th & 8th grade ELA

Mrs. Winger, Mr. Covelli, Mrs. Mygatt, Mrs. Morrow


7th & 8th grade Social Studies

Mrs. Munoz, Ms. Sujka, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Morrow,

Mr. Covelli



Mr. Platten, Mr. Logan, Mr. Ostheimer


6th Grade Science

Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Moore, Mr. Shaha


7th Grade Science

Mrs. Walsh, Mr. Borgmann, Mrs. Balzaretti


8th Grade Science

Mrs. Burke, Mr. Shaha



Mrs. Perrone, Mrs. Carroll, Mr.  Johnson


6th Grade ELA/SS Block

Mrs. Quam, Mrs. Moser

Ms.Capilli, Mrs. Dowell, Mr. Winger


Electives: ACE, Food Science, Pottery, Manufacturing, Cub 101, Drama

Mrs. Balzaretti, Ms. Cherry, Ms. Betzina, Mr. Brenner, Ms. Capilli

Mrs. Quam, Mrs. Moser

Mrs. Dowell


Reading Intervention 

Ms. Barker-Loup, Ms. Myers

Mrs.  Morrow


You will notice that the posted learning activities are focusing on Review, Refresh, and Practice activities for this week.  Later in the week, will receive an update on next steps for being able to extend learning for your child. 

Although our building is closed, we, the staff of CKMS, are still here for you.  Please feel free to contact teachers or administrators with questions about activities for your child this week, and let us know if you have any questions.  

Thank you, 

Scott McDaniel
CKMS Principal