Daily Bulletin

Final School Year Update for CKMS Families

Donation Opportunity

With the current financial situation in our community, we recognize that many families will struggle to pay off lunch account balances accrued when school was in session. In response, our Food Service Department has opened a method to collect donations to help families with lunch account debt. If you would like to donate funds to help eliminate student food service debt, please see below.


Food Service Donation Instructions

Login on https://touchbase.cksd.wednet.edu/

User Name: N9993237
Password: CKMSMM (case sensitive)
Click on Don CKMSMM
Click on “Items At Students School including Food Service”
Click on “Lunch”
Click on “Lunch Donation”
Enter $$ amount you wish to donate
Click “Buy”

Today will be a great day if you choose to make it one!  Have a great day Cubs!