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Weekly Update from CKMS

Monday, April 13, 2020

Hello Central Kitsap Middle School Families. As we begin our fourth week at home, the CKMS staff truly wishes you the best. We miss working with your students and are excited to find opportunities for interaction in the near future!

Chromebook Repairs/Needs

Does your student have a district-issued Chromebook or power adapter in need of repair?  If so, please complete the repair request form and we'll contact you to schedule a repair date. This form is also located on the “At-Home Learning Resources” on the CKSD website.

If you complete the form, you will receive an email communication with instructions on how to schedule a repair date and time. All repairs will be processed at the Teaching & Learning Center on Waaga Way and McWilliams Road. Families will remain in their vehicles and a technician will come out to assist.

CKSD Providing Meals

Although our school is closed, we are offering free meals to all children age 18 and under. We are also providing free meals to students up to age 21 who receive special education services. Each meal will include breakfast for the next day. Each week you can pick up meals from 11:00 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday, in the parent loop of Central Kitsap Middle School. 

You are not required to pre-order to receive a meal. However, ordering can help us plan to provide the right amount of food at each location. Please completed the meal request form HERE *each day.* The form will be open from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m.  

Next Steps for At-Home Learning

Although we are in the midst of an extended closure and cannot provide traditional in-person instruction, education must continue. Starting this week, our schools will plan and deliver new content in multiple ways so all students can access learning.  This may include printed learning materials, phone calls, email, technology-based instruction, or a combination. If your child is having difficulty accessing digital material, please reach out to your child’s teacher.  

Teachers will seek to provide consistency and structure by having a weekly plan and schedule.  Our priority will be on the essential learning in each content area. The district has established initial guidelines for maximum student commitment each day.  For middle school students, grades 6-8, the recommendation is 20 minutes per day for each class (for a total of no more than 2.5 hours each day). 

We realize that home-based learning is not the same as in-person teaching.  There will be some hurdles. Many siblings share devices, reliable internet service is not always available, and some parents are working while their children are trying to complete assignments or activities.  Some students have multiple roles at home. We will give our students plenty of grace during this time. This is new for all of us, and it will require some patience as we adapt. 

Impact on Grades and Placement

Our goal is for students to continue their academic progress, but the work they do in the coming weeks will be measured differently.  We will provide feedback on learning progress to students, although there will be no report cards in June for students in grades K-8. Students in high school classes will earn a Pass or an Incomplete for credited classes. 

Students in grades K-11 will move with their peers up to the next grade level for the upcoming school year.  

Sample Daily Student Learning Schedule (please note these are generic times; based on your grade level, times may be adjusted).  




8:00 am


Share the schedule for the day with your child.

9:00 am

Learning time

Review lessons, use online learning resources, or work by phone with your teacher.

11:30 am

Take a break

Go outside and take a walk, practicing social distancing.


Lunch time

Talk with your family about what was learned earlier in the day.

1:00 pm

Continued learning time

Reading time

Continue with teacher assignments.

Read a favorite story, maybe out loud to a younger sibling.

Older students, read a recommended book from your teacher’s reading list.

2:30 pm

Math practice or do the lesson provided by your teacher

For practice, there are several online math games, even on the cell phone.

3:15 pm

Snack break

On your own time, give your adult a break.

3:45 pm

Time to explore something you have always wanted to learn about

Use your computer, science channel on the TV or your cell phone to learn something new to talk about at dinner.

5:00 pm

Your time

Do something fun.

6:00 pm


Share the new knowledge you gained when you explored an interest earlier in the day.

7:00 pm

Get some exercise


Dance in the front room or go outside and shoot baskets.

Get out the games.

Learning Structure for CK Middle School

The staff at Central Kitsap Middle School has been working hard to develop on-line instruction materials to assist your student. 

Most teachers are using email and a Google Classroom to communicate learning expectations to students and families. To assist families with locating these resources, we have created a table of our class information and what you can expect. We will update this resource as more information becomes available. 

Please CLICK HERE to access information for classes at CKMS. 

CKMS Counseling Corner

Dear CKSD Families, 

Welcome back from spring break! We hope you were able to spend time with family, have fun, and enjoy some of our sunny weather last week. As we look forward to one more week of review, refresh, and practice, we hope you will help your child get set-up for success. Here are some things you and your child can do to be ready for this week and beyond: 

  • Choose a work area with lots of natural light

  • Make sure the Chromebook is charged

  • Continue using the school planner

  • Check online learning portals daily (Google Classroom, class website, Planbook, etc)

  • Get back on a schedule: wake-up and go to sleep at the same time, eat breakfast, dedicate time for school work, take frequent breaks, communicate with  teachers, when needed.

We will soon be shifting to new learning. To find out more and to stay up-to-date with changes, visit our district website


Online Registration News: Current 6th and 7th graders

CKMS and Klahowya : Thank you for registering! If you have not done so yet, ask your child to contact his/her counselor to request courses. 

Fairview and Ridgetop: Registration for current 6th and 7th graders will be April 8-10. Check Google Classroom or the school’s website for directions on how to register. 

Current 5th grade registration will be happening later this month. 

Happy and Healthy Families

During this unsettling time, we want to help you connect positively with your child. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • You know your child best

  • Your child’s routines have been broken. Help them self-regulate by providing structure

  • Show empathy to your child

  • Establish Mindful Moments - Our kids are more likely to be calm if we are calm

  • Learn something new about your child

  • Keep in contact with friends and family via video conferencing

  • Limit screen time

  • Our greatest resource in our youth!

Beating the Boredom Blues

How many times have you heard “I’m bored!” during this time at home? Here are some fun activities to keep your middle schooler busy:

  • Virtual field trip to museums, zoos, a family’s house using Google Earth

  • Learn a new game

  • Virtual college tours

  • Art projects

  • Listen to an audiobook

  • Cooking lessons 

  • Cooking competitions between family members 

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Crossword Puzzles

  • Lego-building activities

Connecting with the Counselor

Do you have a question or need assistance? Click on a link below to connect with your child’s counselor. 

Central Kitsap Middle School 

Fairview Middle School

Klahowya Secondary School

Ridgetop Middle School

Warm regards,

Your District Middle School Counseling Team

Building Closure

As of Monday, March 20 our office was closed until further notice. If you have a pressing need to get something at the building, please email scottmcd@ckschools.org, doylec@ckschools.org or mikip@ckschools.org for assistance. 

From the staff at Central Kitsap Middle School, we hope that you are doing well. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Scott McDaniel

General Information


Call the attendance line at 360-662-2330 to:

  • Request bus passes
  • Report tardies
  • Report absences
  • Request early dismissals.  

Voice mail messages are checked throughout the day, so feel free to leave a message 24/7. To speak with an adult, call the 360-662-2300 between 8 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

Early Dismissals

If your child needs an early dismissal, please call early in the day.  This will minimize classroom interruptions and will also help ensure that your child will be waiting for you when you arrive.  

Bus Passes

If your child will be riding a bus other than his or her normal bus, please send a note early in the morning. Students should bring the note to the main office before the start of school or during lunch.


Do you have questions or concerns about bus routes?  You can call Transportation at 360-662-8800 or select the following hyperlink to e-mail them:  CKSD transportation website

​Parent Access

Have you checked out Parent Access?  If you did not receive Parent Access information, please contact the Main Office.  This program allows you to check grades, assignments, and hyperlink directly to your child's teachers. Find more information and help on our PowerSchool Parent Access page.   If you are still having difficulties, please send a message to PA Help.

Report Cards

We will send report cards home with students at the end of first semester, and mail them home at the end of the year. Please check Parent Access often to see how your child is doing in school.  

Student Safety

For the safety of all students and staff, please do not drop off students at the school earlier than 8 a.m. daily. Also, please drop students off at the curb, and not in the parking area.  

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirement information can be found on our website, under the Academics section. Click Graduation Requirements.

Kitsap Regional Library

The Kitsap Regional Library is offering an online tutoring program.  Please visit or call the library at 692-2779 for additional information.

Community Partnerships

Information about nonprofit community groups or non-school sponsored activities that may be of interest are emailed to all families via a service called PeachJar. Please visit the Community Notices page of our website, under News & Events, for more information.