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is the link to Walsworth for you to log-in. 

Main Assignment: You are to create two yearbook pages using pictures from the country you chose. This assignment is due 11-1-19. Scroll down if you want to see the elements and the rubric for this assignment.

If you don't care for such menial things as that, don't bother scrolling down. Remain ignorant and enjoy the grade you will receive while you wallow in your self-imposed misery.


Logging in:

When you go to the Walsworth website, you will see this:  

Your User Name will be your first and last names (lower case) smushed together. i.e. Wilfred Howderstinkle's User Name would be wilfredhowderstinkle.

Your password is the one you gave me but it also is all lowercase. In some cases, some of you put down the @ sign.

Walsworth passwords can't have @, &, ', ", /, < or >. You'll have to check with Mr. Platten for your actual password if this situation applies to you.

You will then see this:


Pick the choice that corresponds to the end year of your yearbook (i.e. if it's the 2019-2020 school year, choose the 2020 Yearbook) and press OK. You'll then be taken to the main screen of the CKMS Yearbook creation web-site.

As for your assignment, You are to create two pages with the following guidelines:



2 Pages


At least six (6) images


At least one (1) template


One (1) background (in colour)


One (1) shape (anything but a square)


At least six (6) copy (all copy must be in sentence form)*


At least one (1) headline


At least one (1) shadow effect


At least one (1) rotated image or shape (make it look nice)


At least one (1) example of Artwork




Both pages must have information on them.

Images can be found in the "search" area at the upper right hand area of your page window.


*A word about copy: When you put a template into your page, any copy you see will be in some type of Latin-like gibberish. If you leave the words as they are, it will not count towards your copy requirement.

In addition, the requirement calls for 6 examples of copy. A headline will not count - that's a headline. You'll get points for that separately. The six examples must be 6 separate examples of copy in sentence form. One copy of 6 sentences will count as 1 (one) copy. Got it?

You will also receive a grade for such elements as "Elements of Design," "Creativity," and "Effort."
The Grading Rubric:






Elements of Design

The student did the minimum or the pages were never completed.

The student did the assignment in a satisfactory manner,  but the elements on the pages were placed in a haphazard manner.

The work shows that the student applied design considerations in the implementation of their pages.

The work shows that the student designed their pages in a unique and creative manner.


The pages show little or no evidence of original thought.

The student's work lacked originality.

The student's work demonstrates originality.

The student's work demonstrates a unique level of originality.


The student did not finish the work in a satisfactory manner.

The student finished the project but it lacks finishing touches or can be improved upon with little effort.

The student completed the project in an above average manner, yet more could have been done.

The student gave an effort far beyond the requirements of the project. 

Five (5) points will be removed for each spelling error. In the real world as in Yearbook, spelling counts. Also, don't use text-speak - (e.g. OMG, LOL, ROFL, etc...)

Forty (40) points will be removed if you use a picture that you're not supposed to use!!!