Academic Support

Our school counselors focus on academic success and the removal of barriers to educational opportunities. We are here to help with anything that’s getting in the way of a cub being the most awesome student he or she can be! 

New Online Tutoring:

Pear Deck (formerly TutorMe) is an online, one on one tutoring service offered for certain students based on need. Please contact your teacher or your counselor for more information.

Online Math Help:

Our new math curriculum offers 2 helpful tools to families during homework/study time. A letter went home to parents and there is an app you can download by following the directions below.


Outside Tutoring

Kitsap Regional Library has online live tutors available from 1pm to 10pm every day.

Military Online Tutoring: Military families can take advantage of this free online tutoring program

Khan Academy: Includes interactive exercises and videos to help in math, science, economics, computing and arts and humanities

Great Kids Milestones: Videos describe literacy and math concepts for middle school Be a Learning Hero: Search by state, grade and subject to find homework support resources

Student Advice

  1. Divide it up: Chunk assignments and studying into smaller manageable parts.

  2. Sleep: Getting sleep the night before a test is vital! Make sure to spread out your studying so you don’t cram.

  3. Set a Schedule: Do homework and study when you are most productive and alert – Mornings? Afternoons? In 90 minute chunks or 20 minute spurts? Figure out what is best for you, and stick to that schedule.

  4. Find a Study Group: Quiz and reteach topics to your friends!

  5. Ask Questions: Teachers are happy to help if you come to them with questions well before a test or quiz.

  6. Reward yourself! For example; if I study for an hour, I get a half hour of computer time.

  7. Find a Good Study Spot: Studying is easier in a quiet, comfortable spot away from distractions.

Parent Advice

  1. Help your child create an after school schedule to fit in activities, chores, family time, and homework. Creating a consistent routine really helps.

  2. Provide a quiet place to study, eliminate distractions, and provide supplies.

  3. Help your child develop and maintain an organization system with their binders, backpacks, and google drive to make sure assignments aren’t lost.

  4. Support the use of the planner by doing regular checks. This also allows you to know when things are coming up.

  5. It’s always great to communicate with your child’s teachers and counselor with questions or concerns, but it’s even better to help encourage your child to advocate for themselves at the school.

  6. Stay positive and reinforce effort and attitude. Middle school is a time to learn to be a successful student, it’s ok if grades aren’t perfect as long as we’re always learning a new academic skill.

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