Athletic Eligibility


Updated July 28, 2020

The athletic eligibility process for the 2020-21 school year is currently on hold. We’re waiting for more guidance from local and state leaders on which activities will be safely allowed. We will share updates as well as information on a new process for eligibility here, in district emails and on district social media.

Physical Exams

Make sure you have a valid physical exam form on file with the school. If you think you’ll need a physical exam before activities start, schedule one soon!

Eligibility Information

Our athletes must meet high standards of sportsmanship. They must also meet academic and other requirements. Our standards for eligibility are outlined in our athletic code. We require you read this and other information, as well as fill out and turn in all required forms.

Students in Running Start or at Barker Creek Community School may also be eligible for participation. Please contact your school's athletic director for more information.

Follow each of the steps on this page to register for our athletics programs.

Step One: Read Eligibility Information

You must read each of the following guidelines to be eligible:

Step Two: Fill Out Eligibility Forms

Please print, fill out and return all forms to your school's athletic director. You can also mail your forms in to:

[Name of Your School]
Attn: Athletics
PO Box 8 
Silverdale, WA 98383

Step Three: Fill Out Forms by Sport

In addition to the eligibility forms, you’ll need to read safety and guidelines and fill out another form for each sport you participate in:

Step Four: Meet Insurance Requirements

To participate in sports, students must have medical insurance that covers injuries. We do not provide medical insurance for student injuries. However, we do have information about student accident/health insurance that you may purchase. Learn more .

Step Five: Pay Fees

Pay Associate Student Body (ASB) and athletic participation fees to our ASB bookkeeper. These funds go directly to the school ASB account to support the cost of athletic programs. 

Students and families who qualify for free or reduced cost meals may request to waive or reduce fees. Please talk to the school athletic director to request a waiver.

Step Six: Maintain Academic Eligibility

To participate in sports, students must pass at least five classes in the previous semester of school, except for incoming 9th graders to their high schools. For fall sports, this is the second semester grades from the prior school year. Athletic directors check grades at the beginning of each season. We also check grades every two weeks during each sports season for middle school sports, and every five weeks for high school sports.

We place players on academic probation if they receive an “F” grade in one or more classes. If grades don’t improve by the next grade check, or if other grades dip below requirements during the season, we will place players on academic suspension.