Rules & Conduct

We establish rules to guide you and keep you safe. We care enough about you to set limits.

You are responsible for your actions while on school premises or while in the custody and control of the school, or in the course of a school-related activity. You are expected to conduct yourself in a way that contributes to a positive environment at all times.

These standards and expectations will be explained and discussed during the first few weeks of school. Each of you will have an opportunity to ask questions about their purpose and function. Any and all rules are also reflective of the Central Kitsap School District’s Students Rights and Responsibilities Policy.

All Central Kitsap Middle School students are expected to follow our School Behavior Standards and Expectations as well as the Central Kitsap School District’s Students Rights and Responsibilities. 

General student expectations: 

  1. Arrive to class on time with assignments, books and materials. 
  2. Follow established classroom rules. 
  3. Eat and drink only in/at designated areas and times.  
  4. Leave disruptive items at home or in your locker (Toys, Electronic devices, cameras, cell phones, skateboards, etc.). All electronics are off and away. 
  5. Follow the school dress code
  6. Use appropriate language at school. 
  7. Use hall pass appropriately. 
  8. Respect school property and the property of others. 
  9. Settle conflicts in an appropriate manner. 
  10. Contribute to a safe and positive school environment. Bullying, harassment and/or intimidation will not be tolerated. 
  11. Treat people with respect. 
  12. Properly serve consequence as assigned.