Welcome to the CKMS Counseling Department!

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Middle School is an exciting adventure, and your counseling department is here to help! During your time at CKMS, you'll be met with increasingly challenging academic standards. You will also be busy exploring and forming your own individual and social identity; growing into the teenage you! Your counselor is here to support this growth in your academic, social, and emotional life. We believe that every student comes with incredible strengths, and that it is our job to help identify those gifts, nourish them, and help students use what they have to meet life's hurdles. 

Students can also use this website to Request an Appointment with your counselor. Parents, feel free to call or email for appointment.

We Can Help With

Academic Needs: scheduling, academic skill building, transition assistance, 504s

Social/Emotional Needs: friendships, mediation, digital citizenship, stress/anxiety, grief and loss, etc.

Future Planning Needs: academic planning, high school readiness, college/post-secondary options, career exploration

Community Resources: mental health, poverty, homelessness, etc

Your Counseling Department Staff 

Get to know your counseling team by contacting them or visiting the Meet the Counseling Department page.

Morgan Collins
2020-2021 Counselor for all of 7th grade and 8th graders with last names A-J*

David Keller
2020-2021 Counselor for all of 6th grade and 8th graders with last names K-Z*

Linda Roberts
Counseling Secretary and Registrar

 *Counselors will "loop up" with the cohorts, so students will remain with the same counselor throughout their time at CKMS.